Background of establishing IRO POLMAN Bandung

1.In the frame of internationalizing higher education, it is needed to enhance the globalized competitive ability
in every higher education (Dikti, 2014).

2.The Road Map of Polman 2020, saying that:
– 2013-2014 Polman states National and International Collaboration
– 2015-2016 Polman mentions International Standard Resources.
– 2017-2018 Polman enters World Class Polytechnic and Internationally Recognized Technology.
– 2019-2020 Polman gains Internationally Recognizezd Graduate and World Class Excellence.

3.Joint Statement among the participants of International Education Coordination Meeting Forum,
Yogyakarta, 27 March 2010, stating the commitment of making higher education in Indonesia into
World Class University.Indonesia, as one of big countries in ASEAN, should be ready to face free market
momentum of Masyarakat Ekonomi ASEAN (MEA) started in December 2015